At Family Promise of Cobb County, we believe, as you do, that every child should have a home.

Last year 882 families asked for our help. We helped 19 families with 50 children in our rotational shelter/transitional housing program.

We want to do more … and with your help we can.

Over 2,000 Cobb County school children experienced homelessness in the past year. That’s just school-aged children, and there are many more who are younger. Last year, thanks to you, 50 of those many children found hope at Family Promise of Cobb County.

Help us help more kids this year. Let’s Keep Our Children on Course.

Where do you go when there is no place to go? Families with no homes, just like yours, sleep in cars, parks, and hotels (when they can). Moms and dads want the best for their kids. When you lose your job, you lose your home, when you don’t get paid, it’s hard to feed your family. When kids don’t sleep well and don’t get enough food to fuel their bodies and brains, it is hard to learn.

We want every child to sleep in a safe place with their family.

We want every child to feel loved and valued.

We want every child to go to school well fed and rested.

We want every child to have a home.

We want to help their families.

Families come to us without homes, jobs, often without hope. Thanks to you, we help moms and dads find jobs, affordable housing, counseling to plan ahead and set up a budget and the stability to prevent their children from moving from school to school. With your help, many families are able to thrive. Even those families who don’t qualify for our shelter program receive vital counseling and get timely answers to their questions along with food boxes and needed supplies

Thanks to you, in 2018 Family Promise of Cobb County gave away over 200 food boxes to walk-in clients and graduates. We fed and housed families in 14 congregations. We can help moms and dads help their kids, but only if you help us. Will you please help us Keep Our Children on Course?

The average household income in Cobb County is over $70,000 per year. A single mother making $10 an hour makes about $15,000 per year. Will you help us give families experiencing homelessness a chance to find a rental they can afford, a higher paying job that will feed their kids, to even start a savings account for emergencies. Donate in honor or memory of a child or anyone you love and value. Please donate to Keep Our Children on Course.

Thank you for helping us help.

To donate by check, mail in your check along with a printed copy of your donation form to: ‘Family Promise of Cobb County, 1823 Blackwell Road, Marietta GA 30066’.

If you are donating online and wish to make your gift in honor or memory of someone, please fill out our Gift in Honor or Memory form and we will mail a notification card for your gift.