Louise, FPCC’s Case Worker, describes the real-life challenges the families we serve face and how FPCC helps to turn their lives around.

“Most families come to us in the midst of a vicious cycle that eludes any possibility of permanent housing. For example: A single mother earning $10.00 per hour brings home $320-350 per week. Hotels cost $350 per week! This single mom also has to pay for food, child care, gas, insurance phone, clothing, school supplies and more. Consequently, this family may stay in a hotel 1 or 2 nights a week, then try couch-surfing or spend the night in their car. There simply is no chance for improvement and the cycle continues.

Now when she and her children are hosted by FPCC, this single mother receives assistance to improve or supplement her current job and we help her clear up lapsed bills and start a savings account. She also now has an actual address to receive benefits like health insurance, gas cards for job hunting, resume advice, budget planning, assistance locating affordable housing, and daily leads for jobs. And this is just the beginning…

So how does FPCC help? We provide a safe environment and professional services that allow these families to reset and start to build a new foundation.

We break that cycle of homelessness one family at a time.”

Your financial support is needed for FPCC to provide all of these services for numerous families in the year ahead.

Please make a donation to FPCC to enable us to continue to provide shelter, meals, career counseling and assistance in finding homes for these families. We would also ask you to consider a monthly donation which helps us meet our ongoing monthly expenses. You can contribute online by clicking the Donate button below or click HERE to print a donation form that you can mail in with your donation.

You can also honor or remember a loved one with a contribution by indicating your wishes online during the donation checkout process or on the form you print and mail in. Your gift makes a significant difference in the lives of families.

Thank you for helping families in need receive the blessings that come from Family Promise of Cobb County.


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