The following will be included but is not structured here:

  • National Information
  • Other?
  • Reference back to the Media page with our current brochure
  • MUST Ministries
  • Links to Training videos

**NOTES: in our current site we included a few Resources initially to get started on the advice of Bob Milburn who was with us from MUST….. we need to determine if these are still viable resources that we want to include.

We included the name of the source, a photo, contact information, and link to their website.
This was done for several reasons: 1) we really didn’t have anything else; 2) we were not opened yet to accept guests; 3) and once we were opened, anyone looking on the site might be able to gather information that could help them in areas we could not.

I would like to see this page in the same basic structure as our current site, but with the input from Camilla and/or Louise as to WHICH local social resources we will include.